At 16, so mesmerized by the music, he had to sneak out of the house when his parents were asleep. He became the youngest Resident DJ at “KULUSIC”, Zagreb at 17 years old and became the youngest electronic Resident DJ in Croatiagaining a reputation for techno music played on vinyls. ‘SABOTAGE’ nights with DJ’s Kiki and Frajman at the popular Aquarius Club, Zagreb, became the lift off point for his love of techno. ‘Aquarius’ was the place to hear all the latest techno music, on Vinyls of course, the sound predominantly German. The spark lit a flame when Kiki and Frajman began a series of techno parties in club KULUŠIĆ (1994), much closer to his home. It meant he could ‘break out of his house’ and join the avid techno lovers, watch the DJ’s go through their paces, teasing the crowd then setting them on fire with their alchemical blend. Active Line Six started hanging out, got to know both Kiki and Frajman, learnt about their vinyl collections, started buying them, then became a regular face at the same events. He says “I can confidently say that they are the sole reason why I started DJ’ing.” The rest as they say…was history. Born and raised in Zagreb, the Croatian capital, Active Line Six has been a national DJ for over 20 years. Music always intrigued him. More than anything else, it’s a fascination that has kept him spellbound. Biggest influences have to be Kraftwerk, Underworld, Shamen , Derrick May, Carl Craig, Laurent Garnier, Sven Vaeth, Kevin Saunderson, Deep Dish,  Richie Hawtin, to name a few. At the tender age of 13, he enrolled on a guitar course got into organizing a string of school parties, most of which were successful. He loved the party scene and the die was cast, he kinda knew back then, he’d found the holy grail.

In 2010 Active Line Six began his own techno & tech house productions, first as a hobby, and four years on is extremely focused on producing electronic music of the highest calibre. Active Line Six releases his music on the respected labels of Sci+Tec, Funk ‘n’ Deep, Consumed, Soulmate, Family Grooves, Audiometric, Sonique Mannheim etc..

Underground is my favorite phrase. It is everything that is not mainstream and commercial. Stick to the underground and you will encounter a bunch of high-quality stuff